A Visit to the Care Home for the Elderly

MoRCE-Net CUAM Access students paid a visit to the the Care Home for the Elderly in Ait Melloul. They went there on a very special, noble and multifaceted mission. 

They did their best to engineer moments of happiness within the house through a variety of services. The girls provided beauty care to the female residents while the boys, Lahcen Tir and his friend, cut the men’s hair, trimmed or completely shaved their beards! Playing pop / Chaabi music and dancing with the residents did certainly uplift everyone’s spirits and made them forget for a while the many aches and scars that the years have sculpted on both their bodies and souls. Many a smile… many a beautiful and wide smile were drawn on their faces.

Establishing a dialog between the younger generation and the elderly was at the heart of today’s mission. Students had to ask different questions, listen to the elderly and particularly learn from their experiences in life. They sure have listened to painful stories!!!Later, they will have to report on their visit and write about the impact it left on their “young” souls.
In the end I would like to warmly thank the Nursing House director, Mr. Brahim Zakoura, and his staff for their hospitality, the valuable information they provided the students and their much appreciated cooperation to make the vist a success! Very special thanks coupled with warm hugs and kisses should go to all the residents who opened their hearts to the students and provided them with pieces of wisdom to help them pave their paths toward a happy future. 

Reported by Mchich Arbi

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